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The cattery name NO*Amanska's was approved by NRR in the end of February 2021. Amanska's is a small Maine Coon cattery located in Norway. We focus on health and temperament in out breeding, at the same time we want to preserve the breed-typical type we all recognize by Maine Coon.

Our breeding cats gets tested for different genetic diseases, through DNA tests, HD x-ray and HCM screening, before they are used for breeding. I do this to ensure that the offspring in the cattery don't develop health problems that can be avoided. In addition to test the cats before breeding, I also make thorough assessments about the degree of inbreeding, the clone values and general degree of inbreeding in the nearest generations for the combinations. The results from the HD x-rays and the other health tests are also taken in to consideration.

The cattery is in the start up phase, but there is a plan to work with outcross and new foundation lines.

I am a member, and former board member, of the Maine Coon katten Norge. 

- Amanda Skaar

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